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Hotel Puerta America

Avda América, Madrid, Spain

Senior Designer while at David Chipperfield Architects

1,500 sqm (16,100 sqft) NLA

Completed 2005


The Silken Puerta América Hotel is a space that invites visitors to dream. A unique project that has brought together nineteen of the best architecture and design studios in the world, three Pritzker awards among them. Each of the floors of this hotel proposes a different room concept. They all play with different materials, colours and ideas to create spaces that bring together the best of cutting edge design and architecture.

Over a several months I met with the owner and client for Silken to represent the David Chipperfield studio to understand his vision and develop the initial ideas with David. The brief was to design a floor of 30 individual hotel rooms on level 9 that are 36m2 each and make the guest feel like they had stepped into David’s own house. There was no limit to the budget but when designing in the guise of Chipperfield the expense comes within the minimization of the detail and the play of light on surfaces.

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