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Macquarie Group

1 Shelley Street, Sydney Australia

Workplace Principal while at Woods Bagot Australia

6,000 sqm (64,500 sqft) NLA 

Completed 2011 

The Macquarie Group has become Australia's premiere investment bank since opening its doors in 1969. It is now the world's largest infrastructure asset manager and has over 1 million clients across 5 regions. Head quartered in Sydney, the property team has continually challenged the workplace typology including being the first organisation outside of Holland to move to an ABW solution. Unfortunately upon delivering Australia's first ABW model the world of work changed from silo working to team working and the Veldhoen solution did not adjust for static teams or project spaces.

I was approached to develop the ultimate flexible project space with team working plus a fluid financial call centre to deal with private and public investors. These 3 floors were also to evolve the very colourful scheme developed by Clive Wilkinson Architects delivered 2 years earlier.

The result was a playful exploration of Japanese inspired areas with colour theming to satisfy the wayfinding set up by the base building. The flexibility was satisfied by large sliding interlocking panels with flexible desks and power/date fed from the access floor.

The project delivered exactly what the business required and the spaces were used very heavily.

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