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Design studios

Grosvenor Place, Sydney and 1 Collins Street, Melbourne

Design Director while at Unispace Global

500 sqm (5,380 sqft) NLA and1,000 sqm (10,760 sqft) NLA

Completed 2016


Unispace is start up global workplace design firm that has been making inroads into the workplace market in Europe, Americas and Asia Pacific. It has disrupted the typical procurement routes and developed a new hybrid solution bringing together top tier strategy, design and project management to service the needs of large global occupiers.

In order for the unique methodology to work effectively the disciplines must work closely day to day to ensure that the knowledge and information trail is absorbed and evolved to match the client's needs.

This new workstyle required a new approach to the studio configuration and so the mega bench was born. These super tables are inter dispersed with focus pods and collaboration tables to ensure that the teams have what they need at close hand.

Noth projects experimented with different materials and manufacturing techniques to test it on ourselves before using on our clients. 


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